Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Did Kilroy lie.....again?

This is getting ridiculous.

Yesterday, the Columbus Dispatch covered the ejection of a public citizen at an official congressional event co-hosted by Rep. Kilroy and Ohio State and first reported here on 3BP.

Kilroy's team said this as part of their defense of the incident.
"This was something for jobs and the economy, and they were trying to disrupt it," Rosenblum said, noting that Kilroy's staff already were broadcasting the meeting on the Internet.
They were, eh?
  • Except the letter I first saw about the event never mentioned a webcast.
  • Ohio State, the co-host, said they didn't broadcast a webcast.
  • And there are no indications the media was notified there would be a webcast.
In other words, there is zero evidence there was a webcast of the event.

If there is, Kilroy's office should produce it.

Until they do, there is no other conclusion other than Kilroy's office lied.

But why?

And will the mainstream media call them out on it?

Either way, come November, amateur hour is over.

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