Thursday, June 3, 2010

Social Media wars

Today, Rob Portman passed 12,000 fans on facebook.

Pretty damn impressive. And it's a good opportunity to do yet another roundup of where Ohio's major candidates stand in the social media wars.

US Senate
Rob Portman
12,015 facebook fans
1,954 twitter followers

Lee Fisher
4,303 facebook fans
1,262 twitter followers

John Kasich
18,006(!) facebook fans
11,264 twitter followers

Ted Strickland
11,978 facebook fans
3,529 twitter followers

This matters.

Not only are these measurements a good gauge of enthusiasm for each candidate, but they also translate to real-world, tangible benefits on the campaign trail.

Each one of John Kasich's 11,264 twitter followers are potential grassroots volunteers.

Each one of Rob Portman's 12,015 facebook fans are potential contibutors.

And every single person can be a steward for the campaign's message.

Social media, or in this case, Direct Media, matters.

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