Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yost signs ATR No-Tax Pledge

From Yost's Campaign:
Prosecutor Dave Yost, candidate for Auditor of State, today announced he has signed the Americans for Tax Reform pledge to not support any increase in taxes.

"The $17 billion the state government takes out of Ohio's economy every year should be enough to pay for the government we need," Yost said.

Yost noted that his opponent, a county commissioner in Hamilton County, has proposed two tax increases during his three years in office.

And Yost already has a good line to hit Pepper.

Now let's get the guy some fundraising dollars.


  1. Anyone want to ask GHW Bush how that type of thing worked out for him?

    Just sayin'

  2. Actually, that proves the point of how important this move is from both Yost and Kasich.

    GHWB broke his pledge and was punished for it.

    That means no smart candidate since then will make the same mistake. They know they'd be punished by the electorate.

  3. Jon,

    I think you nailed that explanation. That's exactly the point of the Pledge. It's an extra layer of accountability.

    HW broke the Pledge and was subsequently voted out of office. Don't make the promise if you can't keep it.

    - Adam

  4. And the same has happened with countless Pledge breakers on the state level. Including recently-deposed NV Gov. Jim Gibbons.

    We currently have about 45 state legislative candidates in Ohio to have taken the Pledge in addition to Yost and Kasich. A refreshing and distinct contrast to their opponents who refuse to rule out tax increases.

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