Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Definition of Insanity

Today, the Ohio Democratic Party unveiled a brand new attack ad against John Kasich that focused on his work with Lehman Brothers.

A recent poll by Rasmussen, taken a month after such attacks on Kasich began, showed Kasich increasing his lead to five points over Governor Ted Strickland. It also illustrated no change in Kasich's disapproval ratings from the last Rasmussen poll taken before Democratic attacks on Kasich's affiliation with Lehman hit the airwaves back on May 4th.

It made me think of something that someone very smart once said....


  1. Yeah, because there's absolutely NO WAY RASMUSSEN could be WRONG.

    You sure are putting a lot of stock in a polls whose entire "movement" could be nothing more than statistical noise. And is directly contradicted by the results of a far more reliable poll (Ohio Poll).


  2. Modern, do you have a life?


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