Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Weatherization programs comes under more scrutiny.

Even more federal taxpayer dollars are coming Ohio's way in the form of weatherization program.

Ohio has weatherized 11,688 homes with federal stimulus dollars so far, one of six states to top 11,000, and the state also is getting an additional $1 million in stimulus money to expand its weatherization training programs, state and federal officials said today.

Ohio now has weatherized more than 30 percent of its total targeted homes with its allotment of the $5 billion in stimulus funding for weatherization nationwide, employing more than 1,310 state and local weatherization providers during the first three months of the year, officials said.

But the program, a centerpiece of Strickland's green jobs effort, is getting a little more scrutiny at the national level.
...the economic benefits are far from clear. The federal government has spent $659 million on the 80,000 houses so far—$8,237 per house. The DOE website estimates that weatherization reduces energy bills by an average of about $350 per year, depending on fuel prices.

Thus the caulk and insulation used to weatherize each house would need to last for 23 years without needing repair just to pay for itself.

Is this really the best way to spend other people's hard earned money? What is so scary about the free market?


  1. What's so scary about the free market?

    It doesn't produce politically-desired outcomes. Preferred constituencies tend not to be rewarded solely on the basis of their political loyalty and there is limited opportunity for graft.

    In a nutshell...

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