Friday, June 11, 2010

Democrats abuse their elected office to gain a campaign edge

From the Wall Street Journal:
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi decided Wednesday to add first-term Reps. Mary Jo Kilroy of Ohio and Gary Peters of Michigan as two of the ten House Democratic conferees, joining grizzled veterans like Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank, ten-term Rep. Maxine Waters of California, and 13-term Rep. Paul Kanjorski of Pennsylvania.

It wasn’t immediately clear why the two first-termers would leapfrog over dozens of other lawmakers for the high-profile perch. One likely possibility is that the two are in contested re-election battles, and the visibility of being part of such a high-profile bill could boost their profiles back home. President Barack Obama attended a fundraiser for Peters during a recent trip to Michigan.
Boy, ya think?

And Kilroy didn't waste any time promoting herself. A press release went up immediately on her website bragging about her all-too-obvious politically beneficial appointment.

Sorry, Mary Jo. Even efforts this transparent won't save you.

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