Friday, June 11, 2010


What a disaster.

And I don't just mean the oil spill in the Gulf. After news like this, that descriptor clearly applies to the President as well.

From the Houston Chronicle:
Three days after the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico, the Dutch government offered to help.

It was willing to provide ships outfitted with oil-skimming booms, and it proposed a plan for building sand barriers to protect sensitive marshlands.

The response from the Obama administration and BP, which are coordinating the cleanup: “The embassy got a nice letter from the administration that said, ‘Thanks, but no thanks,'” said Geert Visser, consul general for the Netherlands in Houston.

Now, almost seven weeks later, as the oil spewing from the battered well spreads across the Gulf and soils pristine beaches and coastline, BP and our government have reconsidered.

U.S. ships are being outfitted this week with four pairs of the skimming booms airlifted from the Netherlands and should be deployed within days. Each pair can process 5 million gallons of water a day, removing 20,000 tons of oil and sludge.

At that rate, how much more oil could have been removed from the Gulf during the past month?

The uncoordinated response to an offer of assistance has become characteristic of this disaster's response. Too often, BP and the government don't seem to know what the other is doing, and the response has seemed too slow and too confused.
What an unquestionably awful performance from our inexperienced Commander-in-Chief.

We need a grown up in charge.


  1. So let me get this straight, the government has no place doing anything with private business, yet when a private business fucks up, the government HAS to do something. You can't have it both ways Jon...

    This is BPs mess, and BP should be the ones paying for everything to do this. Short of summoning Aquaman, I don't know what anyone thinks that the fed can do about this...

  2. LOL


    First, I don't even accept the premise that I ever said government should have nothing to do with private business.

    Second, this post doesn't even bring up private business. It's about the Dutch government offering their assistance and the Obama administration refusing it.

    As far as who should pay for the assistance, once again, that isn't brought up because it has nothing to do with the point of the post.

    But I'm with Boehner. All costs go to BP on this one. But that doesn't mean the government doesn't have a role. It just means BP gets the bill.

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