Monday, June 7, 2010

Mary Jo Kilroy had a bad week.

First, we found out just how unprofessional her office is run.

Then Ohio State has to apologize on her behalf for kicking a public citizen out of one of her official congressional events.

Then this...
A recent taxpayer-funded mailing by Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy, in touting the benefits to seniors of the new health care reform law, asserts that it “ensures that you have access to and can spend more time with your primary care doctor…”
I know what you're thinking. Mary Jo Kilroy sent out another taxpayer-funded mailing?


But the real bad news is what Ed Howard of the Alliance for Health Reform says:
...can the new law promise patients they will get to “spend more time” with their doctors? That, Howard, says, is questionable.

Nothing in the law “ensures you’ll have an easier time seeing your PC (primary care) doc, or spend more time with him/her, but it should improve access somewhat,” Howard said.
Whoops. Should residents of the 15th congressional district be upset that their Representative is using their taxdollars to send, at best, less than reliable information throughout the district?


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