Wednesday, September 15, 2010

About last night...

Here are the articles on the debate as they appear on the front pages of the big 3 newspapers this morning:

And below the fold of the Cleveland Plain Dealer...

What did we see in all three?

Nothing new.

Remember, Strickland needed a knockout punch against Kasich last night, and he never got it.

The disappointing thing for Strickland to learn was that, according to Jim Heath of ONN, the debate actually received the best ratings of any show in its time slot last night. People were watching. And the Governor didn't deliver.

But, of course, we're used to that by now.


  1. You apparenty abscribe to the philosophy that nobody reads articles..

    Strickand didn't need a knockout. You've set the expectation bar, post-debate, higher. But keep moving that goal posts.

    Any rundown of what Jim Heath and others said the candidates needed to do would show that Strickland hit those marks and Kasich the ranting kid who needs to lay off the Red Bull did not.

    Kasich: "We haven't lost jobs to China."

  2. When you're down 10 points, you can't repeat the same message that got you to 10 points down.

    That's all we heard last night.

    You also need something unique that will get people talking about the race.

    That didn't happen either.

    Time is running short, Brian. Your desperation is showing.


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