Monday, September 27, 2010

You win with people.

And not the kind you have to pay to help you.

It seems the loads of volunteers helping out the Kasich team are going above and beyond what it takes to win. Check it out:
Yesterday, the Ohio Victory effort led the nation for the September Super Saturday.

Hundreds of volunteers in Victory Centers and neighborhoods made 142,647 calls and knocked on 41,075 doors for a total of 183,722 voter contacts.

In fact, the Lucas County Victory Center set a national record for calls made in one center in a day with 18,685 calls. A big thanks to Chairman Jon Stainbrook and Meghan Gallagher for leading the charge on such an amazing effort.
For those of you that have never helped out by doing GOTV calls for a candidate, these numbers are downright amazing.

If you want to get a taste of the action, you can volunteer for the Kasich team by clicking here.


  1. Woaaaaah. I beat Modern to be the first commenter on this post!

    Unheard of!

    He must be in the bathroom or something.

  2. Oh yeah? Well, we have Obama for America!! We made 67 million calls just last week. And Keelings a liar!!!!!


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