Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kasich throws a jab.

When John Kasich first went up on TV back in July, he mentioned Ted Strickland and his poor record on jobs.

Since then he's ran a series of positive ads focusing on the issues that matter to Ohioans - jobs and education.

Finally, the Kasich campaign is getting tough again by, heaven forbid, mentioning the Governor and his record by name. The humanity!

The ad is the definition of what's known as a comparative ad, with the Lt. Gov candidate concluding: "It's your choice - the same old with Strickland, or move Ohio forward with John Kasich."

While the RGA has been doing their part to help inform the electorate of Strickland's record, we had yet to see anyone so directly call out the Governor as Taylor does in this ad. And the timing is right for it.

The Kasich campaign seems to be following a variation of the advice I gave Strickland way back in May.

Back then, Strickland suffered from poor approval numbers (and still does), so I recommended he start positive to improve his own image before attacking his rival. He didn't and look where we are today.

With Kasich, he didn't have much of an image to worry about. Nobody knew him. The campaign took their time and rolled out a series of commercials that introduced a positive message without obsessively calling out their opponent with dark overtones and gloomy music. That enabled the campaign to come out with what they did today - a comparative ad that hits Ted while he's down - not with doom and gloom, but with a clear choice.

For months Kasich supporters have been calling for their guy to start hitting Ted harder for how he's left Ohio. While this commercial may not satisfy that appetite, it does provide the electorate with a clear choice.

Ted's predicament? He can't change his record. And there's no time to hope for a magical turnaround. In fact, the most recent jobs report showed the number of employed Ohioans actually shrinking and the number of people giving up on trying to find work reaching a level it hasn't seen since January.

That leaves Ted with no decent talking points on the economy for an entire month.

Your move, Ted.


  1. You did your best to spin the fact that the Kasich campaign just admitted by switching their paid media strategy: WE'RE NOT SITTING ON A TEN POINT LEAD.

    Mary Taylor abused her office by using it in this ad and falsely suggesting she's found wasteful spending throughout our State government. She hasn't.

    Her performance audit of the Lottery Commission found it is run quite efficiently and better than most States. Almost all of her audits have found widespread waste and fraud in local government spending, not State spending.

    John Kasich can't run on a New Way if he keeps promising to do what Strickland has already done: cut taxes, shrink government, cut spending, reform worker training, and cut regulations.

  2. "This commercial is different from the others. That means they're admitting they aren't doing so well. Hah!"

    Boy, that's weak, Modern. Even by your standards, LOL!

  3. Well, if that's all I said, then yes. Unfortunately for you, I also have the majority of the polls that came out last week and a Rasmussen trend that shows my read on the race is right. Don't believe me, look at Kasich turning negative all of the sudden.

  4. Nice ad. It's good to see a candidate who is smart and articulate, something missing during the Taft and Strickland administrations. Very refreshing.


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