Monday, September 27, 2010

The Audacity of Mary Jo Kilroy

In early September, Mary Jo Kilroy ran an ad promoting her vote against TARP. It was her effort to jump to the right in an effort to save her failing re-election campaign.

Unfortunately for her, the ad distorts the reality of the vote. She wasn't in Congress when TARP was approved and the vote she speaks of was a meaningless vote that has been discredited far and wide.

In fact, both Factcheck and the Columbus Dispatch both scolded her for misleading voters.

But that hasn't stopped her.

Now she has thumbed her nose at the Dispatch and sent out a mailer making the exact same misleading statement.

Mary Jo Kilroy is going to lose. That is a fact.

It's just too bad she is abandoning the last shred of dignity she had left while doing it.

h/t: That Hero

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  1. She did cast a vote for Stimulus; Cap & Tax; and Health Care according to her marching orders from Queen Pelosi.


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