Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mary Jo Kilroy finally listened to DJ Tablesauce

Back on August 4th, 3BP detailed the money Mary Jo Kilroy had accepted from Craig Newmark, the founder of Craigslist.

Yes, the same Craigslist that has suffered from headlines in the news recently for their role in prostitution and child trafficking.

Back in August, and other times since then, we've called for Kilroy to give the money she took from Newmark and donate it to the Central Ohio Rescue and Restore Coalition in their effort to combat child sex trafficking.

It took 43 days, but apparently Kilroy took our advice.

From Human Events:

Kilroy received three donations from Newmark for a total of $1,250.

“She will be returning the money,” her spokesman Brad Bauman tells HUMAN EVENTS in response to our investigation.

Bauman says that Kilroy’s campaign will donate the full amount of Newmark’s money to a charity that focuses on child trafficking.

It should have never taken this long, Congresswoman. That said, I'm glad you're finally doing the right thing.

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  1. When's Kasich going to return the money he made from Lehman Brothers who on this date 2 years ago contributed to the mess he likes to pin on everyone else?


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