Friday, September 10, 2010

Ted Strickland's Me Too campaign

In the past few weeks, the Kasich campaign has rolled out three policy initiatives.
  1. Privatization of the Ohio Department of Development.
  2. Regulation reform.
  3. Job Training.
All have had a primary focus: Jobs.

The Governor's response to each one?

"Me too! I did that! That's soooooo me."

I'm beginning to think if Kasich proposed a resolution calling for the Governor to shave his head, Strickland would say he already did it.

Every time the Kasich campaign has released a new proposal, it's diverted the Strickland campaign for, at the minimum, a full day as they try to push back against Kasich. It's a losing battle. When has "me too" ever been a convincing argument to a voter?

With just 53 days to go until election day, every day counts. Every time a day slips by without the Governor showing leadership and working to improve that horribly bad approval rating is a day wasted. And they've wasted a lot of days.

What is the Strickland team focusing on? Yelling "Me too" and bragging to reporters about well placed google ads. [DJ note: the Kasich campaign has been doing the same thing for months....but I imagine the Kasich guys just have other things to talk to reporters about]

The Strickland campaign is a disaster.

They have no message besides attacks against Kasich. And as I've said from the beginning, that won't work.

It's the exact same strategy Jon Corzine enlisted against Chris Christie. As the Corzine team rolled out attack ad after attack ad over the summer before the election last year, the New York Times had this to say:
The ad blitz seizes on a huge opportunity for Mr. Corzine: Despite Mr. Christie’s seven-year tenure as United States attorney for New Jersey, he remains an unknown quantity to much of the state’s electorate. So Mr. Corzine is trying to define him for voters before Mr. Christie defines himself.
Sounds familiar, eh?

And by now we all know how well it worked.

Has Lis Smith and the rest of the Strickland communications team learned nothing? Or are the orders to attack coming from the ODP that seems to control the Governor's purse strings?

Either way, since the attacks were initiated by Strickland and his allies in May, things have gone from bad to worse for the Governor. Check out this graph that aggregates every poll since April. Notice what begins to happen once the Democratic attacks begin in May?

Their Me Too campaign isn't showing any leadership. Their scorched earth campaign is turning off voters.

It's the definition of a flailing campaign.

Maybe that explains why the DGA has already begun to count them out.


  1. Again, thanks for the concern trolling. But the actual reality on the ground is that the media is noting that the things Kasich is promising: less taxes, less regulations, smaller government is EXACTLY what Strickland has already done.

    Kasich's CSI proposal for regultaory reform was lifted, verbatim, from Strickland's 2008 Executive Order on the issue, and included a similar title and organizational structure.

    Time Magazine today noted the numerous instances in which Kasich has promised what Strickland has done.

    You have an obsession with Christie. John Kasich isn't Christie, and Ted Strickland is Corzine. Corzine would have KILLED to have Strickland's poll numbers. Nor is what Strickland doing in point out Kasich's poor plagarism anything like what was done in New Jersey.

    You wanted to talk about Strickland's record. We're talking about. Unfortunately for you, people are starting to catch on that John Kasich is a talker and Strickland is a doer.

  2. BTW- I can't believe you'd have the guts to call STRICKLAND's campaign a disaster after Kasich's massive disaster yesterday.

    Also, I've never seen a Kasich ad running during a Strickland web event. So, I think you're wrong on that, too.

  3. "Or are the orders to attack coming from the ODP that seems to control the Governor's purse strings?"

    That would actually make sense, in its own twisted way. Maybe the ODP wants Kasich dragged down more for the benefit of other statewide candidates than for Strickland.

    Even if reducing Republican turnout won't retain the governor's office it certainly may affect down-ticket races! Having the attacks come from Strickland doesn't cause democrats in general to appear negative.

    More likely they're doing the only thing politicians can when they've got no achievements to point at!

  4. LOL... ODP doesn't control the Governor's campaign. That's just stupid nonsense.

  5. Absolutely love how Modern did just what I mocked Ted for doing...letting the other guy control the story. Responding rather than leading.

    This is why you lose.

  6. Also, I've never seen a Kasich ad running during a Strickland web event. So, I think you're wrong on that, too.

    Oooo thats BRILLIANT! You know what? Ted has the Invacare web ad on Hot Air. I'm sure those will be very effective.

    Don't you get it DJT? Ted totally outsmarted Kasich by putting ads where Kasich's supporters might see them. That's gonna be the key to this whole race! LOL!

  7. Sad and disturbing. Brian Hester is becoming so obsessed with Jon Keeling that he is blogging about him on Plunderbund now.

    I bet he's the one who got you blocked from the Governor's Twitter feed, DJT.

  8. Keeling, you don't get it.

    I'd love nothing more than to continue discussion how Ted Strickland's record matches John Kasich's promises.

    I can't believe you'd be dumb enough to bring up Kasich's disasterous performance yesterday that's made national news.

    Yes, please, let's keep talking about the dittoheads in Kasich's policy shop that it trying to pass John Kasich off as a cheap imitation of Ted Strickland.

    And it wasn't just Kasich supporters who saw (or tried to anyways) yesterday's cluster screw up. It was the media, and you'd presume at least a few undecided voters.

    John Kasich cannot even run a press conference. He can't run this State.

  9. I've blogger about Keeling plenty of times.

    You can't pass such comedic gold as a Kasich supporter claiming it's STRICKLAND copying off of Kasich... lineal time progression notwithstanding.

    I'll miss Keeling when he stops astroturing in Ohio politics after the election.

  10. You know you're in trouble when your entire argument relies on a bad internet connection.

  11. Jon-

    Unlike you, I've actually been involved in campaigns that have won.

    So forgive me as I laugh at your preening over your political campaign know how.

    Maybe you should actually get OFFICIALLY on the Kasich campaign payroll and tell them how to run a press conference when a national news pubilcation is tailing them.

  12. Then you apparently need to read. Mary Taylor was in Youngstown last month and asked a panel, hand picked by the campaign, of local business leaders if they had problems with Ohio's training program. None did.

    Why? Because even as Kasich campaign spokesman Nichols conceded, Ted Strickland has worked to bring the business community and training providers together to provide better services.

    Given Kasich's love of all thing Florida, I wouldn't be surprised if he's for the Gators.

  13. ME: Still delusional after all these years.

  14. Joe- You're funny.

    I predicted every statewide race accurately in 2006, and got most of the congressional right while you were still attacking me for saying that Blackwell was heading towards an epic thumping approaching the Democratic nominee in 1994, which is exactly what happened.

    You claimed all the polls were way off and Blackwell was withing striking distance. He wasn't, you were wrong, and now you call ME delusional? LOL.

  15. I know. I gave Ohioans too much credit in 2006. The difference being, I and most of Ohio have smartened up over 4 years, while you're on Strickland's slow train to Looney Town. Get help.


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