Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ohio Dems: Feel the Enthusiasm! - Part 267

Starting today, Ted Strickland and the rest of the Dem ticket is kicking off an eight day, 22-stop bus tour around Ohio.

And with the help of Organizing for America, they've been working their little butts off to spread the word. E-mails to their volunteer lists. Tweets from the Governor himself. Websites. You name it.

And what do they have to show for it? Well, as of late last night....

12.6 people per rally.

[DJ sidenote: God, I love the feature on the Organizing for America website that allows me to see how many have RSVP'd to an event.]

For example...

Of course we can expect the labor unions to send in some reinforcements, but that won't stave off the embarrassment they should feel for this unconscionably bad effort.


  1. As always, you're an idiot. The RSVP system is left over by the '08 campaign when things were less centralized. If you think that's all that are showing up, well, as I said.... you're an idiot.

    See, if you were actually a Kasich blogger that was in OHIO. You'd know that Strickland is crushing Kasich on rally sizes this month.

    Prolly why Rasmussen shows the race tightening and the Ohio Poll... well, we both know that it doesn't show it a ten point lead or more for Kasich, don't we, Jonny?

  2. "Prolly"... hahahahaha

  3. hey modern-
    by how many % pts is Strickland gonna in on 11/02/10?

  4. *won, not in......not that you're gonna answer again


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