Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Ohio Gubernatorial Insta-Debate Analysis

To no one's surprise that reads this blog, I'm calling it for Kasich.

I actually expected a draw. It wasn't. Not by a longshot.

In fact, simply by staying on message, Kasich won.

It's amazing how simply discussing the problems Ohio faces while repeating the remedies you've proposed for its recovery can be so effective. While Strickland flailed, harping on the same old attacks we've seen in his negative ads, Kasich pounded away at the Governor for not taking responsibility the elected CEO of the state.

But the ultimate reason why Ted lost can be blamed on Ted himself.

He didn't make news.

Ted needed a gamechanger. There wasn't one.

His big zinger? Trying to make a crack about whether Kasich cheered for the Hurricanes over the Buckeyes this past weekend.

Tomorrow morning the papers will say there was a debate. They'll repeat some of the talking points from both sides.

But then we'll be done with it until the next debate. There was no story that people will continue talking about for weeks to come. There was nothing people will discuss extensively at the water cooler. It's over and done.

And when you're down by almost 10 points with only 49 days to go, that's not good.


  1. John Kasich: "Ohio didn't lose any jobs to China."

    GAME OVER, Kasich.

    Kasich also blew your defense of his ATR pledge breaking out of the water.

    Said he'd accept a second round of stimulus, too. And that he'll consult with Strickland to help him "make major decisions."

    Leadership fail.

    He didn't defend his plans at all. Acted angry and failed to appear gubernatorial.

  2. Yeah and Strickland uhm uhm uhming his way through the debate while taking lame cheap shots about rooting for Miami looked so gubernatorial.

  3. Strickland's response: Uhm um Ummm Uhmm Ummm Ugh- uh?


  4. LOL. Strickland.

    OMG...Wall Street...Not my fault.

    Kasich likes the Hurricanes.

    Epic. Fail.

  5. Strickland was pathetic last night. It looked like it physically hurt him to strain so badly to incorporate "Wall Street" into answers to questions that had absolutely nothing to do with anything related to what happens on Wall Street (ie. capitalism).

    And the "Kasich roots for Miami" thing was lame too.

    I love the "GAME OVER, Kasich" stuff too. Yes, game over. Double digit unemployment on Strickland's watch...but GAME OVER, Kasich.

    What a loser.

  6. Not like Kasich was amazing but to pretend Strickland did himself any favors last night is just dumb.

  7. I swear I saw Modern Esquire's head pop out from under Strickland's podium during the debate.


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