Monday, September 20, 2010

While Kasich promises opportunity through education, Chris Redfern lies to college students

Continuing his theme of positive messaging through paid media, the Kasich campaign released its latest commercial today.

Meanwhile, one of Ted Strickland's staffers tweeted about Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern boring college students to tears with tired rhetoric interspersed with some lying.

Strickland held the line, eh? I imagine those college students didn't go to any of these schools:

So Chris Redfern has been reduced to straight up lying about Strickland's record, eh? I guess that's what happens when there really isn't anything worth talking about.


  1. Wow... You really will say anything to help Kasich. Fact is that Strickland did hold the line on tuition during his first biannual budget... the first Governor of Ohio to do so.

    Second, while the second biannual budget did not continue that freeze (which expired by the terms of the negotiated deal with the university presidents) those tuition increases still make the last four years the smallest tuition increases in modern Ohio history and Ohio one of the only States NOT to see double digit increases in tuition during the economic meltdown.

    Kasich's ad is nice and fluffy. Too bad he's too much of a coward to admit in his ad what his education plan is: cuts and privitization.

  2. In other words, yes Jon, you are correct, Strickland did not hold the line on tuition.

    Also, Strickland cut education.

    Money quote: State aid to schools will actually be lower by about $32 million--from $6.542 billion in 2009 to $6.510 billion in 2011. On a district-by-district level, that means about 60 percent of the more than 600 school districts in Ohio will get less money for operations in the current two-year budget cycle than they did before.

  3. Not to mention that even if they did "freeze tuition", what about the massive fee increases that the universities offered to students to cover the artificial tuition freeze.

    The fact is, just like when Ted claims not to have a raised taxes, the state raised fees to cover their ass.

  4. Kasich was part of the Congress with Bush (HW) that raised interest rates on school loans, fought tooth-and-nail against Pell grants, loan forgiveness for students going into areas severely needing educators, health care workers.

    Attempting to paint Republicans in general, and especially Kasich, as pro-college student is insane.

    And you keep going back and forth on the spirit of things. Should government keep their hands out of education as Kasich proposes? Then why blame a single man (never mind the Republican run State Senate) for what higher education institutions do? Either the government is to blame when they do something or they're to blame when they do nothing. Pick a darned side already!

  5. The point is twitter is hardly a place to get a quote from as it requires the lack of context. When Redfern said that he was talking about the first of two Strickland budgets. You know that. Quite feigning ignorance.

    Yes or no, Keeling, is John Kasich promising that tuition and fees will increase the same or less than they did under Strickland? No, he hasn't.

    Also, your PolitiFact story also admits that the total amount for education funding has increased--due to the federal stimulus--which was INTENDED TO allow States to continue to fund education at pre-recession levels without being forced to cut overall spending. In other words, the stimulus did what it was supposed to do, allow Ohio to increase its overall spending while not bankrupting a State facing severe revenue shortages caused by the Great Lehman Brothers recession.

    Since then, there's the $400 million in Race to the Top funding Ohio won after adopting Strickland's education reforms. Reforms that Kasich says in today's Enquirer he'd undo--likely causing Ohio to lose out on that money. Reforms and funding you said Strickland couldn't achieve and did.

    Does John Kasich promise more resources for education? No, you don't bother pointing out that Kasich's own campaign website says he'll cut education to pay for his tax plans.

    Keeling, it would be nice if you actually criticized Ted Strickland on an issue that John Kasich isn't deliberately planning to do more of the very thing you attack Strickand for doing.

    John Kasich has no plan to do a better job with tuition to Strickland. He hasn't even bothered to try. He's going to deeply cut education, too. That's what we know.

    And anyone who ACTUALLY CARED about the issue would examine both candidates more than your schoolboy crush fauning over John Kasich latest political consultant, focus-group driven dreamy ad.

  6. Define "held the line"... given that Ohio still has seen the smallest tuition increases in the nation during the recession when some states have seen tuition go up over 30%, Strickland still held the line on tuition compared to other States.

    You're claim that Redfern's statement is false, is, itself, false, unless you abscribe the most narrowest of interpretations of what "hold the line" means.

  7. Please note that the unofficial blogger of the Kasich campaign cannot answer a simple question. Will John Kasich do a better job on tuition?

    Because he knows the answer is no.


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