Monday, September 20, 2010

Ted Strickland: Defender of the Status Quo

The Columbus Dispatch did a rather substantive piece this weekend asking, "as governor, who'd best nurture Ohio's long-wilting economy?"

The article details the problems currently facing the state - the 17 straight months of double digit unemployment, the low per capita income - and lays out what each candidate says is to blame.

Then we get to issue at hand - who is best to nurture Ohio's economy.

The Dispatch lays out Kasich's three policy proposals and Strickland's "I did that already!" defense. Nevermind the distinct differences and more importantly, the results of your efforts, right Ted?

But I digress.

What was missing from the article?

Ted's ideas.

It's absolutely mindboggling that with just 43 days until election day, the Governor hasn't unveiled one single new policy proposal. None. Zero. Zilch.

Nothing new on jobs. Nothing new on education. Nothing new on the budget.

In other words, he thinks government right now is working at peak efficiency. If he doesn't want to change, eliminate, or create something of any reasonable substance, the only other option is that he believes Ohio's state government is running at its best right now, as we speak.

Not only is this bad politics, but it's bad management.

Who is in charge over there?


  1. John Kasich hasn't introduced anything new either. He's borrowed from Ken Blackwell in 2006 and Ted Strickland for the last four years.

    His "New Way" is the way of Voinovich, Taft, and Blackwell. Nothing new but the slogan.

  2. Modern-
    By how many % points is Strickland going to win on 11/2/2010?


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