Monday, September 27, 2010

How smart is Chris Redfern?

Not very.

After his pathetic use of the 'F Bomb' to characterize Tea Party conservatives last week, the Ohio Democratic Party chairman refused to apologize and did whatever he could to keep the story in the news - even going so far as to try to raise money off it.

Some data from the Ohio Poll shows that may have been a dumb mistake.
About a third of the poll respondents said they are tea party supporters, while 19 percent called themselves opponents. Nearly half - 48 percent - said they're neither supporters nor opponents.
In other words, only 1/5 of Ohioans were susceptible to Redfern's emotional and vile outburst.

Far more support the Tea Party than oppose it. The others don't care either way. But you can bet they don't believe using the F Bomb to identify political opponents is acceptable behavior for someone who is supposed to be the leader of the Party.

Dumb move, Chairman.

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  1. Redfern looks exactly like the kind of pussy who would feel the need to use the word 'fuck' with a bunch of union members to fit in.

    And he did. What a fuckin' pussy.


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