Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This may come at absolutely no surprise to you, but Chris Redfern is an idiot.

Late last night we posted on Ohio Democratic Party Chair Chris Redfern's namecalling of the Tea Party - calling them "f***ers".

We told him to apologize.

He isn't.
"It is what it is," Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern told Fox News regarding his Monday appearance at an endorsement event by the United Steelworkers for several Ohio Democrats, including Gov. Ted Strickland.

"Vice President Biden and I have a way with words," Redfern said, conjuring up the vice president's description this spring of the signing of the health care law as a "big f---ing deal."
Comparing calling a movement of people "f***ers" to Biden swearing while not realizing the mic was on? Seriously, Chris?

Redfern's failure to apologize makes one thing perfectly clear - he really thinks Tea Partiers are "f***ers".

Now you may or may not agree with the Tea Party and what they stand for. That's fine.

But what's important here, from a political perspective, is swing and Independent voters are seeing that Chris Redfern believes it's ok to name call members of a political movement in such an overbearingly insulting way.

That is exactly something that will horribly turn off voters. And it should.

This story has already gone national. Redfern better pray it dies in Ohio. But his refusal to apologize will likely only intensify the scrutiny of his remark.

Chris Redfern is a fool.

UPDATE: Chris Redfern is tripling down on stupid.

Amazingly, now he's embracing the lowest form of political opportunism by trying to use his shameful misbehavior to recruit new volunteers for the Ohio Democrats.


Someone needs to send a few 100 bars of soap to the ODP. Redfern doesn't just need his mouth washed out - he needs it taped shut.


  1. In a way, I respect the fact that Redfern isn't pretending the completely inappropriate thing he said was somehow "misinterpreted."

    The Democrats seem to think railing in front of union crowds will serve some purpose other than making them look like even bigger losers. For that (and, well, so much else) I've got to agree that Redfern's an idiot.

  2. I guess we should have seen the same treatment towards Vice President Cheney, huh? I mean, he was an ELECTED official saying on the floor of the house.

    I haven't seen the outrage from this blog, its supporters, or Mr. DeWine (either really, but specifically Kevin) regarding the treatment of Mr. Letcher outside MaryJo Kilroy's office, the spitting and racial slurs against elected officials before the healthcare vote, or the individuals who have been arrested for threatening the safety of our President.

    Oh that's right. You guys are the "Do as I say, not as I do" party.

  3. No one spit on, nor uttered racial slurs towards members of Congress before the healthcare vote. It is pure fiction.

  4. Scarlet your blinders can't be THAT large. Check out some of the signs from those who claim to be a a part of the "tea" party ( How many racial slurs, ethnically disgusting renderings, name calling and pure hatred do you see? And you guys are up in arms about 1 word.

    Just admit the fact that the teabaggers are unhinged and are not elevating the debate. If you have so many great ideas (still waiting for Kasich's plan too, by the way before you spin that worn out record), run on those. Not mistruths and abusive language IN PUBLIC.

    Again, more do as I say, not as I do.

  5. In your comments I didn't see anything addressing how wrong Cheney was or the mistreatment of a fellow human being outside Kilroy's office.

    That is truly repulsive.

  6. A. Cheney's epitath was towards another politician, not a large group of the electorate. Big difference.

    B. There are fringe elements on both sides...see Bush-hitler references, Truthers, etc.

    C. The man behind the incident with Mr. Letcher apologizes and is remorseful.

    D. The spitting/racial slur incident is PURE FICTION. Maybe your side should stop playing the race card and continuing class warfare and "elevate the debate."

    E. Kasich's ideas? Seems like the voters will decide if the New Way is better than more of same.

  7. Scarlet>Fire How can the voters tell the difference when Kasich's "New Way" is largely promising to do things Strickland has already done?

  8. Modern, you can keep saying that but it still doesn't make it true. Nor is it a very good campaign strategy.

    Neither is calling a large part of the electorate names.

  9. Scarlet:

    "The spitting/racial slur incident is PURE FICTION. Maybe your side should stop playing the race card and continuing class warfare and "elevate the debate."

    Read the signs at a "tea" (I have to use quotes because the people at these rallies have had their taxes REDUCED more under Democrats than ever in history so they cannot be taxed-enough-already and I refuse to have an entire portion of my country's history hijacked any longer with references to the actual Tea Party) party gathering and read those signs at a Democratic rally.

    YOUR party is playing the race card (white face, monkey references, the N word for crying out loud). It's not fiction, it's there in COLOR PICTURES and VIDEO.

    YOUR party and it's members are calling for violence. Palin using references to "reloading" and having crosshairs on her website, Democratic offices being vandalized, REPUBLICANS being arrested for threatening violence to the President, speaker.

    I'm not playing the victim card here. I'm pointing out that what call FICTION is FACT. And if you all find a single word by a private citizen (not elected) towards an entire group, you should have the same shame when the 2nd most powerful person according to the Constitution uses it on the floor of the House to another elected official WITHOUT REMORSE.

    And the man who screamed at Mr. Lechter was remorseful when he got caught after he lied about it to multiple sources. Have YOU called him repulsive? Have YOU said that he isn't what you stand for?

    I'm so tired of republicans and conservatives acting holier than thou when in reality you act the same. Lies and misdirection is repulsive and foul language. Not an F-bomb.

    Get the bleep over it.


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