Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ohio Dems: Feel the Enthusiasm! - Part 323 [UPDATE: ...Gap!]

Obama campaign manager David Plouffe is joining the Governor, Chairman Redfern, and others as they tour around the state today to rev up the troops.

Here's the scene at their event in Akron at approximately 2:03pm today.

The event was supposed to start 1:30pm.


UPDATE: It didn't get much better once our illustreous Governor arrived. Check out this twitpic from CNN Political producer Peter Hamby:

No, Pete. It's not the biggest crowd.

Anyone want to bet the Strickland team is out there right now begging for people to show up for this afternoon's rally at the Statehouse?


  1. What a liar you are. Strickland has much bigger rallies than that loser Kasich. Did I mention you're liar?

  2. LOL can't wait for Baghdad Esquire to clock in on this


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