Thursday, September 16, 2010

"How to Alienate People and Stoke Class Warfare" by Lis Smith

Ted Strickland's spokeswoman had a few choice words today in the Columbus Dispatch in response to John Kasich's endorsement by Ohio CPAs.
The rest of the quote? "They stood by Congressman Kasich's running mate Mary Taylor when she bragged about encouraging businesses and rich individuals to leave Ohio. That sort of thinking might be commonplace on Wall Street, but it's bad for Ohio."

Wow. Maybe Lis should start running her statements by campaign manager Aaron Pickrell before firing off this thoughtless crap.

After all, why should Team Strickland actually care about why professionals that know business are telling people to leave the state when they can instead focus on injecting class warfare into a campaign using a tactic that hasn't worked the previous kajillion times they've used it?

But these kinds of mistakes are what happens when a campaign has been flipped on its head with story after story offering bad news. Staffers get worked up and make mistakes like this one.

Fortunately for them, this pain will only last 47 more days.


  1. There you go again with the phony class warfare canard. The fact is that even the Dispatch has reported that the Ohio CPAs have lost all credibility with this endorsement.

  2. Modern- YOU FUCKING SUCK!

  3. Anonymous - your comment is a PERFECT example of all the Republicans, especially Kasich, have this year.

    Foul language that never elevates a debate devoid of facts.

    Stay classy.


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