Thursday, September 16, 2010

More indications that the DGA and DSCC are considering pulling out of Ohio...

Last week we questioned whether the DGA was beginning to consider pulling the plug on Ohio.

And the DSCC seems to have already done so.

Well now we have the distinguished Marc Ambinder of the very-much-not right leaning The Atlantic confirming what we figured was happening. From an article entitled, "A Democratic Bloodbath in Ohio?":

With the past few days given over to Democratic triumphalism, the reality is that the big picture remains roughly the same for Democrats. In Ohio, it's getting so bad for Democrats that the Democratic Governors Association, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee are actively weighing their level of commitment.

Public and private polling from the state suggests that Democrats will lose the governor's mansion, currently held by Ted Strickland, the Senate race (for an open seat that was held by a Republican), and at least four House races (OH 01, OH 15, OH 13, OH 16). Strickland's troubles have surprised some Democrats, since he's seemed to defy gravity for much of the year.
Strickland still has a good chunk of money to communicate his message, but there's no question that a DGA pullout would further erode his chances. It also sends the message that the race is unwinnable. Not exactly an inspiring call to arms for the volunteers necessary to win a race, eh?

Make no mistake. Ambinder, the newest member of the National Journal's prestigious White House team, is extremely well connected. And what he's sharing today about the DGA and DSCC is yet more news that will shatter the hearts of the Strickland and Fisher faithful.


  1. Strickland has a message? I would think that he would want to roll it out sometime before the election. But that's just me.

  2. Kasich message is "I'll do what Strickland has already done."

    * Tax cuts? Check
    * Cut spending? Check
    * Reduce size of gov't? Check
    * Regulatory reform? BIG CHECK.
    * Worker training reform? Check.

    The only that differs from them is that John Kasich USED TO say he'd eliminate Ohio's income and estate taxes (but doesn't anymore). And Kasich supports privitazation.

    Oh, and Kasich has a horrible record on guns.

  3. Hey Modern, I will donate $1,000.00 dollars to Stricklands campaign if you can show me his plan to deal with the looming $8,000,000,000 (what a crap load of zeros) budget hole.

    I realize it borders on ridiculous for me to expect the sitting Governor to have a plan in place, but humor me and get some cash to your buddy's campaign.

  4. Does Kasich have pathetic trolls going and commenting on all the pro-Strickland blogs?

  5. Let's see, tax cuts that were already passed before Ted took office get counted as Ted's tax cuts eh? Even when he cancels the scheduled cuts for one year?

    Ted the tax cutter? Ummm..okay!

    Ted wants to make sure Obama carries Ohio in 2012, but wants to be known for SMALLER government and LESS taxation?

    Ted supports the Obama and national Democrat agenda. Everyone knows it. Ohioans aren't as stupid as you and Ted think they are.


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