Monday, September 13, 2010

Yet more Strickland confusion...

Governor Strickland likes to make the claim that his policies have prepared Ohio to come back strong out of the recession. We most recently saw it in the Big D.

From the Dispatch:

Strickland repeatedly criticized Kasich for ignoring the accomplishments of his administration, which he said have positioned Ohio to emerge from the recession stronger. Kasich parried by returning to a central theme of his campaign, namely that the state has lost 382,000 more jobs during Strickland's tenure and it's time for a new way.
So if we are to believe the Governor, Ohio will rebound faster than the rest of the country as we come out of the recession, right?


There's one major problem with that talking point. Strickland's own Council of Economic Advisors disagree with him. The following graphs highlight how the Governor's own advisors believe Ohioans unemployment rate and change in personal income will recover far slower than the rest of the nation.

Strickland can keep spouting his talking point all he wants, but it's hard to take him seriously when his own economic advisors disagree with him.


  1. Last I checked, Ohio's outperformed those graphs.... which were from when March?

  2. June 26th.

    And I don't know how thick your glasses are, but that sure looks like we're underperforming the expectations to me.

    We're at 10.5%. Per that graph, it seems like we should be just above 10%.

    Either way, the point is that his own economic advisors did not agree with the Governor, just a couple months ago, that Ohio was poised to rebound better than the rest of the nation.

    What major policy shift changed since then that would make them change their minds?

  3. We're at 10.3%, Einstein. That's only .1% above the LOW they projected we'd hit NEXT YEAR.

    They projected that unemployment would go up; it went down.

    You're citing people who have already been proven wrong.

  4. We're at 10.3%, Einstein.

    Which is still higher than the US at large. Thanks Ted! LOL!!

  5. Seriously, are you looking at the same graph I am?

    It clearly shows unemployment going down beginning in Jan of 2010.

    The problem? That we're still far higher than the rest of the nation. In other words, we're NOT in a better position than everyone else. We're in a worse position.

    And if the Governor's advisors are so bad at this, as you imply, why does the Governor keep them around?

  6. One, read the actual column you yourself linked to that was the source for those graphs. They predicted that unemployment would go up this year and wouldn't drop to 10.2% only until next year. We are only .1% above it now.

    It's an unpaid position that the Governor uses to get outside projections. They've been wrong before. In fact your June report was mid-year revisions after their last revisions for the beginning of the year had already been proven wrong.

    These are the business leaders that Kasich wants to turn Ohio's economic development, too.

    But, hey, not only did I get to cite you as evidence that Kasich has broken his "No New Taxes" pledge, but then you help me point out that Ohio's economy is recovering better than the private market economist forecast!



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