Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tell me how you really feel, Mr. Chairman.

Think we're getting to them?

Yesterday, the Chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party became so worked up discussing the conservative Tea Party movement that he felt it necessary to use a particular swear word that starts with the letter F.

In public.

[click here to see video - WARNING: graphic language]

Is this really what it's come to?

Conservatives nationwide have stood up to call for a return to our constitutional principles and increased fiscal responsibility.

What do you folks get in return? Sworn at by the chosen leader of the opposition Party.

Fortunately, Redfern apologized.

Wait a second, no he didn't.
When NEWS9 contacted Redfern for an explanation of his comment, he was under the impression that the endorsement announcement was a private event.

Redfern also said he saw both the NEWS9 reporter and videographer, but did not see the reporter holding a microphone and assumed his comments were not being recorded.
Chairman Redfern owes an apology not just to those he intended to insult, but to all Ohioans. Redfern was chosen by his peers to represent the highest level of Party power. He should be held to higher standard - one promised by Democratic elected officials.

Either way, the outburst speaks volumes to the frustration within the Democratic machine in Ohio. Redfern knows his regime is going to be toppled and he can't do anything to stop it.

But that's no excuse.

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