Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Luntz scores those RGA ads...

There has been a lot of talk about those seemingly awkward RGA ads punching Ted Strickland over this and that.

In fact, I said this when the below ad was released in early July:
While I'm still not a fan of the "didn't get the jobs done" line, I'm going to take off my political analyst hat and trust the RGA on this one. Remember, this is Haley Barbour's organization. They know what they're doing. That means these ads have probably been focus grouped to death. While folks that obsess over politics and read blogs may not dig the ad, it likely is hitting home among those that haven't been paying much attention. If Strickland's approval stays in the basement, we'll know it's worked.
Well, we all know what the polls have done since the one-two punch of RGA attacks and Kasich positive ads started hitting.

And now we have Frank Luntz's famous scoring system to show us just how well these ads are doing with the average voter.

"You never see a negative ad score so well among Republicans and Democrats alike."
Goes to show ya, when in doubt, trust Haley.

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  1. Which is it?

    You approve of negative campaign advertisements (regardless of their mistruths and fuzzy numbers) if Republicans air them but not if a Democrat uses them?

    You chide Strickland, Fisher, and basically anyone who's not a Dem for even a single perceived negative note in an advertisement (even though it's just facts, not rhetoric) but laud the "gains" (awesome punchline!) of negative attack ads from the RGA - old white dudes.

    Pick a side and stick with it. Summer's almost over, you'll need to turn in your flip-flops.


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