Thursday, September 9, 2010

The pullout begins?

When discussing the mess behind the Governor's latest ad rollout, the National Review stated it "provides a fascinating look into the disarray afflicting the Strickland campaign."

Disarray. That's never how you want your campaign described.

But there could be a much bigger reason to worry.

This week the DGA rolled out their strategy for the midterms in these last nearly two months. Not surprisingly, it focused on attacks and painting the GOP as "extremist" rather than focusing on the positive. But it's what wasn't said that was most interesting. Their executive director and a panel of their advisors were asked which races to watch out for in November...
But asked which races to watch on Election Day, Daschle picked the gubernatorial battles in California, Florida, New York and Texas. The rest of the panel named roughly the same races as ones to watch, particularly because of the impact the governorships have on next year's redistricting process and the presidential election the following year. They failed to mention Ohio, where Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland is in an uphill battle against former Rep. John Kasich.
The executive director didn't bring up Ohio. Nor did the entire panel of advisors. No one.

In other words, "look away, there's nothing to see here."

Folks, that wasn't an accident.

When these guys know they will be interviewed, they prepare to highlight the races where they have a chance of winning. The silence about Ohio speaks volumes.

But after the way the race has been trending, can you blame them?

If the DGA is already beginning to write off Ted Strickland, how long until the unions do the same?

This may be the first nail in the Governor's coffin.


  1. I always look to NRO for a fair, objective and honest assessment of how Democratic campaigns are doing... LOL.

    The National Review story is a complete fiction. The reason the Invacare ad was "temporarily" pulled was because the Strickland campaign decided to run a counter ad to a new RGA ad that was released that Friday.

    The campaign specifically gave instructions to the stations when to begin running the Invacare ad as well. It was never "killed" or "pulled" but merely delayed to allow a new ad to respond to a new RGA ad to air first.

    Which is why the NRO had to resort to google cache the original story... The reporter had to retract it because it was factually wrong. Thanks for playing.

  2. Link?

    Any response to the DGA not mentioning Ohio?

  3. The story about the DGA's Exec. Director not mentionig the Ohio race came from Real Clear Politics:

    Ted is sinking and the DGA may be thinking about jumping ship or at least focusing their efforts (i.e., money) elswhere.

  4. Or because Ted has at least a $3million advantage and other outside groups like the SEIU are also involved he doesn't need the help?

    This is a fun game, but the reality is that the National Review story is a complete and utter fiction.

    How is John Kasich going to beat Ted Strickland if every week he's introducing something Strickland has already done?

  5. Um, Modern.

    You completely missed the point.

    The DGA officials are asked which races are the ones to watch. So, this is their opportunity to highlight races in which their Dem candidate will perform well.

    It doesn't get much more purple than Ohio, and every single one of them didn't even mention the race. There are two reasons why.

    1) They have it so incredibly wrapped up that it's not worth watching. We all know that's not true.
    2) It's out of reach and they don't want to be forced into a position where they can be defined by races such as Ohio where their candidate is in such a bad spot.

    It's 2. And when races are that far out of reach, organizations like the DGA get out of the way.

    Even if plenty of money was going to Ted, which as the SEIU ad shows, still is...they would STILL want to highlight it as a race to watch because it would make them look good if they kept it close.

    But they don't mention it. Not once.

    The DGA has lost hope in Ohio.

  6. One interesting thing to note, considering how close you are with the campaign and your admitted daily contact with their campaign, it's particularly interesting that you aren't denying a DGA pullout.

  7. You mean the same DGA who just last week filed an OEC complaint in the race?

    The same DGA that is currently running an ad in the race?

    Yes, I can report that the DGA has in no way puled out of Ohio. Quite the opposite.

    Sorry, I thought I made that clear when I called this entire post vapid stupidity, especially given the sourcing.

  8. Keeling, you're an idiot. Three of the four races they cited are potentional Democratic pickup opportunities. That's why they got mention. NY is important because its a State where the GOP has won the Governorship fairly recently. The incumbent Democratic Governor is very unpopular, and this race has huge redistricting implications that could affect the control of Congress even greater than Ohio.

    As for the claim they never talked about Ohio, you obviously didn't WATCH the panel yourself.


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