Thursday, September 9, 2010

Are they or aren't they?

Since the New York Times inferred it a few days ago, there's been quite a few rumors about the DCCC pulling out of races like Mary Jo Kilroy's and focusing their resources on more winnable races.

And coverage like this on MSNBC of all places doesn't help:

On cue, Chris Van Hollen, chairman of the DCCC sent out a fundraising appeal to Kilroy supporters enthusiastically stating their commitment to the race.

Yeah, right.

Van Hollen's plea is as transparent as when pretty much the exact same thing happened in 2006 - except it was just on the opposite side. RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman was forced to respond to claims that the national GOP was pulling out of Ohio. Of course, it was true. But to admit as such would have shown weakness and damaged GOP efforts far beyond Ohio. After all, you can't go around throwing up a white flag and still expect any respect elsewhere.

In all honesty, the DCCC pulling out of the Kilroy, Driehaus, and Boccieri races is exactly the right thing to do. Surrender those that are lost and focus on what you can hold. Trying to save everyone is just foolish.

But, of course, these are Democrats we're talking about.


  1. Thanks for your concern trolling. Except recent polling shows those races are still winnable.

    So, are you admitting that the ORP is pulling out of the State auditor's race because they've started to substantial decrease the funding to that campaign?!?

  2. Does Modern Esquire have a job?

    I mean a *real* job. Racing around the internet commenting on blogs isn't a job.

  3. Says a guy commenting on a blog... LOL.

    Technology makes it easy. Especially sitting in court between hearings.

  4. The guy posting the articles isn't trolling, Modern. That's what you do. Going around to all the conservative blogs sticking up for Teddy. You are the textbook definition of a troll.

  5. Modern Esquire, I made a random comment on a blog I read occasionally.

    You are a fixture here, slavish to the cause of all things Strickland. Creepily so.


  6. Still waiting for someone to answer the question. Given Keeling's argument, then does this mean the ORP's decision to substantially cut the amount of funding they're giving Yost's race an indication they're pulling out?

    Yes or no, guys. It's not a trick question.

  7. Modern -I'm sure it has everything do with Yost having huge lead over Pepper in the Auditor's race. That can't be said for your Dem. Congressional candidates...

  8. Modern, its not your blog. You want to ask questions about the auditors race, post it on your blog. You know, the one where you predicted a 20 point Strickland victory.

  9. Brian Hester is the biggest troll the net has ever seen.

    Modern, if you want to ask questions- go to your blog, along with the failed Cleveland candidate who has sexual thoughts about 13 year old boys, and ask them there.

    Now, go back to your one man law firm, which has no land line and no office location.

    Go check your PO box, I bet ole' Teddy sent a task list for you to do today.


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