Thursday, September 9, 2010

Is Christie gunning for Vice President?

In just less than a year, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has made quite a name for himself.

Now he's taking that name on the road in support of Republican candidates. And it all may be part of a larger, long-term strategy to get the star onto the GOP ticket as the Vice-Presidential nominee in 2012.

Christie's tour takes him to Delaware, Michigan, Ohio, Iowa, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and even California.

The trip coincides with a beautifully produced 23-minute video from the RGA documenting his win in New Jersey last year.

As anyone who follows this stuff knows, a trip like the one Christie is on isn't simply designed to boost each candidate in the respective state, but to also build political capital for the guy doing the touring.

Clearly, Chris Christie has become the darling of the Republican Governors Association. As is highlighted in the video, the RGA boosted Christie in his fight against Corzine, and he paid them back with an astonishing win and a fantastic 1st-year in office that has the Governor still enjoying better approval ratings in blue New Jersey than President Obama.

Now remember, who is the head of the RGA? None other than Governor Haley Barbour. And make no mistake, Barbour is almost assuredly running for President in 2012. It would clearly benefit Barbour to boost a potential running mate by helping to make Christie, a man who wouldn't be in office without Barbour, a star.

Why would Christie be interested in such a thing? Well, would you want to run for re-election in New Jersey in 2013 in the first year of a possibly GOP president's term? Hell, would you want to run for re-election in New Jersey, period?

Didn't think so. And a loss would damage Christie's 'star' profile and make him less of a threat if he wanted to run for President in the future.

The Governor from Mississippi with the keen political mind and record of success teams up with the Governor of New Jersey with the sharp tongue and proven results against Obama and Biden?

I'd like our chances.


  1. Frankly, I appreciate how Christie's anti-public school teacher hatred helped Ohio get $400 million in the Race to the Top program.

    Christie incompetence, let's hope the RGA catches the fever!

  2. Says Joe C. who spent much of the 2006 gubernatorial election claiming that every poll was wrong and the Blackwell was within striking distance.

    The fact is that Christie's incompotence and poor attempt to cover it up as it relates to the Race to the Tops funds has made national news and damaged his brand.

    What you call a delusion is what the rest of the world calls "reality."

  3. Seriously, the guy isn't even through his first YEAR of office and you're all ready to crown him the running mate of a yet to be determined GOP Presidential candidate in two years?

    And you want to say *I'm* delusional? LOL.

  4. Says Modern Esquire who just a few months ago claimed that Kasich would lose by 30 points.


  5. Um. How long did Obama serve as Senator before people started talking about him for President?


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