Wednesday, October 20, 2010

13 days.

13 days left.

Let's see if the Strickland campaign can find any polls to spend the day attacking.

In the meantime, our side will be contacting as many voters as possible and turning them out.

Today's video is the montage scene from The Karate Kid. I'd like to apologize in advance to any Democrats who infer they are as bad as the Kobra Kai. No offense is intended.



  1. ICYMI- Republicans are trailing badly in early vote in Ohio...

    Meaning all those polls are crap because they're predicting that Republicans make up a majority or near majority of the total general election vote. Nothing even close to that is occuring in the early vote.

    Even Kasich's internals don't have him doing as well as the Ohio Poll, Quinnipiac, or the aggregate suggests. (And you know that.)

    Keep flaunting your flawed polling analysis. We'll see on the second of November how right the pollsters were or weren't.

  2. Lol, modern. Your early voting spin is just lies. Get over it.

    You are a Russian, hockey playing, Nazi in WW2, summer camp bully, Kobra Kai, Patton fearing, communist ass.

    That and a cry-baby.

    (all jokes except cry-baby, and ass. Don't take too much offense)


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