Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fox News poll - Kiddos, we have reached consistency

Three polls in three days. I love when we have options.

The new Fox News poll doesn't really do much else but tell us that the most recent polls in the Ohio Governor's race are all starting to reach the same conclusion. While the race is close, Kasich is consistently up and Strickland is stuck around 45%.

Ohio Poll has Kasich up 49-47.
Quinnipiac has Kasich up 49-43.
Fox News poll has Kasich up 47-43.

An average of 48.3% to 44.3%.

Ohio Poll has Kasich up among Indies 46-40.
Quinnipiac has Kasich up among Indies 47-42.
Fox News has Kasich up among Indies 40-34.

An average lead of 5.7%.

There are seven days to go.

And Strickland is stuck at 44.3%.

There are just seven days to go.

And Kasich has nearly a 6 point lead among Independents.

Overall, RCP now has the race tight, as you'll see below...

45% in the last four polls taken in the race.

There is no incumbent in the country that would like being in that position seven days out.

As early voting has shown, the enthusiasm gap is real and on our side, and I don't know many people that can stop a wave when it's just 7 feet from the shore.

As long as we keep working hard and getting out the vote, I don't see any way that Ted Strickland wins on November 2nd.


  1. LOL. What a joke this site's become.

  2. LOL almost as funny as getting a law degree to spend all day arguing with teenagers on the internet!

    I guess we'll see what happens next week. Either way, Modern Esquire will still be the biggest loser.


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