Monday, October 18, 2010

By "friendly" he means "stupid".

Today, Ted Strickland said he is a "business-friendly governor".

Then he said both the Ohio Chamber of Commerce and National Federation of Independent Business are "a tool of the Republican Party".

All together, the Ohio Chamber of Commerce and the Ohio chapter of the National Federation of Independent Business have over 28,000 businesses that are members of their respective organizations.

I don't think calling them "tools" qualifies as "business-friendly."

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  1. Geez Ted, you're slipping. You forgot to further alienate the CPAs - they're probably a "tool" of the Republican party too?

    Wonder where Teds beloved labor unions fit into this "tool" category?

    Anyway, lemmee see if I understand. In StrickLAND - a surreal world far removed from actual reality - there are apparently two groups. Those helping Strickland to get re-elected are the good guys. Those not helping Strickland are "tools of the republican party".

    Ted Stricklands attitude towards Ohio's business community... We're not happy until you're not happy.


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