Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bill Clinton is coming to Ohio. [UPDATE: Location found! And it's HYSTERICAL!]

Where specifically, we don't know.

It seems the Strickland campaign staff has royally screwed this one up.

The original plan was for the former President to tailgate outside the huge Massilon/Canton McKinley game, but after some consulting among school staff, that idea was scrapped.

Then the plan was to move to a nearby middle school, but that too was scrapped.

And now? Well, as of early this afternoon, no one really has figured that out yet.

The problem? Tickets and e-mails announcing the original location have already gone out.


Of course, it doesn't sound like they are missing anything.

Word is the other Clinton rallies around the country have been a real snoozer.

This was supposed to be one of the Governor's major opportunities to really get out the vote this weekend. Instead, it's turned into a disaster.

UPDATE: It seems the organizers have found a location for their massive rally with President Clinton. The event, designed to rally the Democratic faithful by the thousands will be held at....

Wait. No. That can't be right.

A restaurant?
Organizers of an Ohio political rally featuring former President Bill Clinton have moved the event to a restaurant after officials in two communities snubbed plans to hold it at or near schools.
Wow. Just. Wow.


  1. I was gonna suggest Ted hook up with the Ohio Never Sleeps tour. Should be some BIG crowds!!

  2. Dear Mr. Former President William Jefferson Clinton,

    We all know that you’re significantly more popular than the current President and that you are one of a few national figures that Ted will actually appear on stage with, but please don’t mess with Ohio high school football.

    I totally get that you really just don’t understand what an awesome tradition Midwestern football brings to a community’s sense of pride, but while we don’t have a stable of thoroughbreds at our beck and call for a rousing match of Eastern Elitist Polo, we members of the fly-over-states do enjoy a splendid rough-and-tumble match of good ole American style football on glorious Fall weekends.

    Whilst everyone appreciates your attempt to try and fit in with the commoners– and Ted’s attempt to not look like a solemn, 70 year old, I believe everyone would be better off moving your “grassroots” rally away from the stadium.


    Average Joe McGee

  3. Sex offender aren't allowed near schools. Good for Ohio


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