Tuesday, October 19, 2010

14 days.

Two weeks.

That's it.

As each hour passes it becomes less about changing minds and more about motivating your supporters.

That's where you come in. We've got a great slate of candidates. Now let's make sure we take advantage of the wave that's coming. Get people to the polls.

Your daily inspiration? Quite possibly one of the best movie speeches of all time.


  1. Keeling your partisan hatred has no limits. First you equate Democrats with Soviet communists and now Nazis?

    You're not rallying people like Patton to go against the enemies of the United States, and it's disgusting that you continue to equate the two.

  2. I'm voting for Kasich and Portman, but to say that we have a great slate of candidates is laughable. I'll hold my nose and vote for both Husted and Pepper, but Owens will be getting my vote for AG.

  3. Hey Modern-Psycho,

    Where were you when he posted the speech from the movie the Miracle?

    Because I was super dooper offended that he called Democrats Soviet communists there too.

    geeze lousie.

    get a life and chill out.

  4. Modern, that is just stupid. Showing a motivating clip from a movie is nothing of what you described.

    Only a liberal loser blogger, who spends hours blogging, commenting and tweeting. Only you would make this something more than it is.

    You are a Douche bag.

  5. Wow, real mature responses fellas. You really show the intellectual heft of Republicanism here.

  6. Hey anonymous, Pepper is a Democrat. Vote for Dave Yost. He is a great candidate and a good man.

    I can't argue with you on the AG race, though.

  7. By your first comment, we need no proof to who is intellectuality stronger.

    So desperate for an attack, you attack a motivational video.

    Go lose by 10 in the polls, but hey, Kasich is going to lose by 20, right?

  8. Modern, when you make a ridiculous comment like you did, you should probably expect such responses.

  9. Bytor,

    Sorry,I meant to say Yost and not Pepper.


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