Sunday, October 31, 2010

Team Strickland overly optimistic in Cleveland [UPDATE: Really funny pic added]

Today's visit by President Obama and Vice President Biden in support of Ted Strickland was supposed to be the big campaign finale for the Governor.

The event was in the heart of Cleveland and expectations were high.

Apparently too high.

From WKYC:
The event drew a crowd of 8,000. Cleveland State's Wolstein Center holds 14,000. There were contingency plans in place for a possible second event at Krenzler Field to handle an overflow crowd that never materialized.
Now don't get me wrong. 8,000 is a heckuva turnout for a normal, gubernatorial campaign rally. It's one any statewide candidate would love to have.

But this event was with the leader of the free world.

This event was in the heart of what's supposed to be ground zero for Democrats in Ohio.

This event was supposed to have far more than 14,000 people.

Instead, they had just over half that.

One thing is clear - Cleveland isn't energized to a level that the Strickland campaign expects. If it was, 14,000+ would have shown up.

They didn't. Not by a longshot.

And that's bad news for Strickland.


UPDATE II: When even the New York Times notices, that's bad news.


  1. John Kasich's biggest rally, by your telling, had 400 people this weekend. Except the venue says they can only hold a little over 150.

    Campaigns ALWAYS have these contingiency plans because you can never predict crowds. Lee Fisher's campaign had them, too.

    You're just trying to write something to take the attention off just how absolutely totally and completely wrong on just about everything you've written about this campaign.

    There's not enough tomato juice to wash the stench of FAIL.

  2. You know Brian,it was the fact that the best your party could come up with is they had to compete with church, Sunday football and trick or treating? Well, let's see.....the President was on the ground for exactly 2 hours. Between 1:30 and 3:30. Event was at 2:30. Now...most churches are out by noon, trick or treating in most all communities were from 6 to 8 tonight and what am I forgetting??? Oh yeah....the Browns had a bye week and no football per se in Cleveland to gear up for.

    Surely, they could have come up with a better explanation. It would have been better to just admit that it very well could be a sign of low enthusiasm.

  3. DJTS is right - there was a helluva lot better things to do in Ohio than go to rallies!

    I wasn't there because I was knocking on doors. I don't need to see the President, VP or even Ted. I've already voted for Ted (a month ago!) and the ticket. There's better use for some of our time than rallies - getting out the vote!!!

    With all your lip service to your chosen ones, how many hours have you volunteered? You'll never be able to out-knock us. You can try and maybe hire out-of-state people to do it. But even working full-time, two kids under 3 and going back to school I found at least 4-6hrs a week to dedicate to my party.

  4. Dear Anonymous-

    Thank you for attacking arguments I never made.

    Low enthusiasm? It's still 20 times larger than any crowd Kasich has had in the past week!

    And we're leading by eleven in early votes. There's no enthusiasm problem.


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