Thursday, October 21, 2010

Numbers are hard.

Just ask Strickland spokeswoman Lis Smith.

Earlier tonight she tweeted....

But then you go to the linked article and you get...
Ohio's two gubernatorial candidates have almost $6 million combined for the final two weeks of their closely watched race.

Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland has $3.1 million, and Republican challenger John Kasich about $4 million on hand for the stretch run, according to campaign finance reports filed Thursday at the Ohio Secretary of State's office.

The figures are for cash the candidates had through Oct. 20. But actual figures may vary because some expenditures have not been recorded yet by each of the campaigns. The campaigns each spent nearly $3 million through the first three weeks of this month buying television air time.
Apparently somewhere "about $4 million on hand" turned into "$2.7M" in Lis' brain.

Don't worry. Come November 3rd Lis will have plenty of time to figure this kinda stuff out.

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