Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A hope and a prayer.

Here's where the Democrats are praying to win.

This is a listing of the final ad buys for their congressional candidates in Ohio:

Boccieri was expected. His race against Republican Jim Renacci was always thought to be a tight one.

But Charlie Wilson and Zack Space? It seems not too long ago these guys were as safe as could be.

And now, they are part of a significant last ditch effort to save the House of Representatives for Nancy Pelosi.

Who is missing?

Mary Jo Kilroy and Steve Driehaus.

Here come the Steves.

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  1. On a bang-for-the-buck basis, Boccieri is coming up short. They have to buy in Cleveland for him. That's the priciest market in Ohio. D-trip can buy a lot more exposure in the tiny markets for Wilson and Space. (There *might* be a Columbus buy for Space, though it'd cost less than Cleveland, it'd still be pricey.)


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