Thursday, October 14, 2010

Getting to the heart of it all.

The Columbus Dispatch wrote this in their analysis of the latest RGA ad:
The governor says he can't be blamed for the aftermath of a national recession that hit nearly all states hard. Ohio ranks 43rd in the nation in the percentage of job loss since Strickland has been in office through August, the most recent federal data available.
That stat really drives home the point, doesn't it?

No one blames the governor for the recession.

We blame him for enabling a business environment that led Ohio to be the 8th least resilient state in the Union. Failing to develop a better business environment led Ohio to be hit far harder than 42 other states. And that's why we lost nearly 400,000 jobs under Strickland's watch.

By running on the claim that he can "Turnaround Ohio", Strickland implicitly admitted that he can shape the economic future of the state. Objectively, he failed.

If he hadn't failed, Ohio wouldn't be "43rd in the nation in the percentage of job loss" on his watch.

Ohio deserves better.

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