Sunday, October 17, 2010

Strickland staffer threatens Kasich

Trying his best to live up to the expectations set by Ted Strickland, Chris Redfern, and Charlie Wilson, Strickland campaign staffer Adam Ward decided the best way to guarantee votes against John Kasich was to threaten the GOP candidate.
Strickland staff member Adam Ward stood in a camouflage hunting jacket before about 25 supporters, thanked them for their attendance, and encouraged them to join the Sportsmen for Strickland a few blocks away to “make sure John knows southern Ohio is not safe for him.”
Seriously, Adam?

This is what it's come to? This is the kind of rhetoric you feel is necessary to try to win the votes your boss is so desperately lacking?

The most pathetic thing? The Strickland campaign, despite twice being given the opportunity, didn't even have the guts to say the remarks were at the very least inappropriate.

Of course, what do we expect from the Party that tries to raise money off their leader's F Bombs?

It's depressing the depths to which Democrats have sunk in Ohio.

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  1. The "rhetoric" you're whining about is your take on it. Anyone who's been on a campaign field operation knows "safe" means "going to vote."

    But if you want to truly read meaning into it, where was your outrage when Palin used visual representation of crosshairs to "take out" Democrats she decided were weak? The comments here could go either way. But using crosshairs (and I believe gunshot sound effects) was okay?

    I'm not pulling the "what about them" card, just simply pointing out the fact that you seem to have blinders on when a Republican does it for fundraising purposes but dig as deep as possible to make a tawdry connection when a Democrat uses language you feel is so terible.


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