Thursday, October 14, 2010

Avon calling.

And apparently their message is "bye".
Avon Products plans to terminate 400 workers when it closes its manufacturing plant in Springdale by year-end.

The beauty products supplier notified the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Service this week the shut down is part of a previously announced restructuring plan which will move work to other Avon plants in Illinois, Mexico, China and a contract manufacturer in New Jersey.
But don't worry. Everything is just fine. Remember what Strickland said back in March.

h/t: WMD


  1. I don't pretend to know a lot about NAFTA, but didn't NAFTA open the doors for companies, make it easier for them to take call centers to Mexico? When was this "previously announced?"

    How did NAFTA not make this jump easier for Avon?

  2. If only Strickland didn't back Obama's decision to retreat from renegotiating NAFTA:

  3. Wasn't president Clinton just in Ohio recently? Wasn't NAFTA his baby?

  4. So which is worse, VOTING FOR NAFTA or not making enough noise BESIDES VOTING AGAINST IT?

    Man up, Keeling. Kasich voted FOR NAFTA. No amount of Clinton bashing is going to make up for that fact or over the fact Strickland voted AGAINST IT (thereby proving he's not a lapdog of either the Democratic party or big business).


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