Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fisher's Surrender.

News spread yesterday that Lee Fisher sent the change he had left in his pocket, a half eaten Big Mac, and a used toothbrush over to the Ohio Democratic Party yesterday in a clear signal that he has given up on winning a seat in the United States Senate.

With articles discussing Fisher's surrender in all the big papers in Ohio, what kind of message does that send Democrats throughout Ohio?

Why bother?
That's it?
We're doomed?

Sure, the insiders have known about Fisher's troubles for months.

But to the layperson Democrat who is just now getting engaged a few days out, learning about total surrender is clearly a negative.

Thanks again, Lee.


  1. But what about the Ohio Never Sleeps Tour? Lee is on a 24 hour trip! Didn't you know?

    Check out the "Great fired up crowd!"

    Yeah they look excited that you stopped by their union meeting, Lee! Look at the enthusiasm! ROFL!

  2. Are you high? Seriously. Are you on drugs or drinking or something?

    I think the polling has demonstrated (unfortunately for your old boss) that Ohioans have long separated in their minds the Senate and Governor's race.

    I just signed up to spend all of Saturday doing GOTV in freakin' BUTLER County.

    We're crushing you in early votes by ten points. Even SurveyUSA shows a difference between early votes in the Senate race and Governor's race.

    We gave up on Lee way before now.

    You're just grasping at straws now. It's sad.

  3. ME makes good points but is losing credibility quickly. While this race is fairly close the reality is only one public poll has actually shown Strickland ahead. Also Dem absentees are nowhere close to the 22 point advantage of 08. I get that he's gotta defend his candidate but it's not looking too good for Strickland to be under 50 AND still behind.

  4. I am concerned about Modern Esquire. Seriously. Ted Strickland is going to lose, and this Modern Esquire character seems to derive much of his identity - self worth, even - from the fact that he is Ted Strickland's most devoted follower.

    It is very weird. And very disturbing. I am concerned about what Modern Esquire might do after Ted Strickland is not re-elected. This (stalking Strickland unbelievers on the internet) is clearly a very important part of Modern Esquire's identity.

    DJT is obviously a Kasich backer. But DJT's advocacy of Kasich and Modern Esquire's advocacy of Strickland are not one and the same. One gets the sense that DJT would be OK with himself and his place in life if John Kasich were not governor of Ohio. Not so for Modern Esquire.

    I'm not kidding.


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