Friday, October 29, 2010

Insiders: Kasich is going to win

The polls say it.

Larry Sabato says it.

Nate Silver says Kasich has an 80% chance to win.

And now the insiders say it.

From the National Journal's poll of Republican and Democratic insiders: the key governor's race in Ohio, the National Journal Political Insiders said by a wide margin that Republican nominee John Kasich would unseat incumbent Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland. Overall, 82 percent of the Insiders said that Kasich would beat Strickland while only 18 percent said the Democrat would survive. Two thirds of the Democratic Insiders predicted Kasich would win, while nearly all of the Republican Insiders -- 98 percent -- said he would be the Buckeye State's next governor.


  1. That would be the same insiders who said Lee Fisher could beat Rob Portman. The same D.C. insiders who said Hillary was a lock for the Democratic nomination in 2008.

    Of course, they agree with you. You all live in the D.C. beltway and not Ohio.

  2. Modern, is your only ability to attack what you disagree with?

    You rarely seem to attempt actual debate, instead relying on name-calling and innuendo.


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