Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sabato says +55. Kasich wins.

When Larry Sabato makes his final predictions, you listen.

He's been named the most accurate prognosticator by Fox News, MSNBC, CNBC, and Pew's Project for Excellence in Journalism.

In 2008 he missed Obama's electoral vote count by 1 and nailed the percentage of victory.

In 2006, Sabato was the only national analyst to correctly predict the exact Democratic gains in both the Senate and House contests.

And this morning he said Republicans will win a net gain of 55 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives. He shows Kilroy, Boccieri, Driehaus, and Space losing in Ohio. And Charlie Wilson has an outside shot of losing his seat in OH-6.

As for Governor, he sides with DJ Tablesauce in predicting a Kasich victory.

Sorry, Dems.


  1. LOL. And like you, Sabato is in Virginia and hasn't been on the ground here in Ohio.

  2. Maybe a Governor Kasich can bring them both to Ohio

  3. On the ground? I figured you were busy with your law practice?

    And of course it is utterly impossible that being "on the ground" would color your perspective.

  4. So the guy that lived in Virginia last election and was extremely accurate, is not going to be accurate this election because he lives in Virginia?

    Logic. Fail.

  5. First, you're putting too much stock in what Sabato actually said. You present his prediction more confidentially than he himself does. He acknowedges that not all those races are not necessarily going to win (and Ohio is one of them), but he likes their chances.

    But, hey, whatever it takes from your guys ignoring being crushed in early votes and a double digit lead evaporating rapidly down to a tied race.

    Yep, that bus tour did wonders for Kasich. No wonder we've read Keeling talk about it so much. LOL.

    Fess up, Keeling, how much you getting paid for this rubbish?

  6. Yes, because the last election was so hard to predict.... LOL

    Scarlet>Fire FAIL.

  7. Modern, does it make you sad that you've resorted to name calling, "inside baseball" innuendo, and blatant lies just as the election winds down?

    I realize that Lis must be cracking the whip pretty hard these days, but I mean come on. At least go down with dignity.

  8. I'm not the one touting outliers and think that Lee Fisher can be my saving grace.

    That's you guys. JOhn Kasich is poised to lose.

  9. I hope Keeling and Modern Esquire just get it over with and make out on Nov. 3. ;)

    In all serious, as someone who votes both R and D (shocking ... I know!) I've enjoyed the back and forth between you two.

  10. Modern, you are not on the ground either. You are behind a computer on the internet, just as he probably is.

    I bet you are so proud of that law degree so that you can argue online.


  11. @Modern,

    Got s nice $100 bill you'd care to wager on "Kasich poised to lose"?

    Thought not.


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