Friday, October 22, 2010

In a flash, private industry makes the 3-C Rail Project obsolete

It's amazing what capitalism can do, eh?

In a release from United and Continental Airlines, it turns out a Cleveland to Cincinnati route is just around the corner.
United Continental Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: UAL) today announced plans to launch service on several new nonstop routes in 2011 as it begins to optimize the combined route networks of United Airlines and Continental Airlines. Even with these new route additions, operated by a mix of mainline and regional aircraft, United and Continental will remain within the previously announced capacity guidance.


Continental will add new flights between Houston’s Bush Intercontinental Airport and Bakersfield and Palm Springs, Calif.; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Grand Junction, Colo.; Hobbs, N.M.; Montreal; and Reno, Nev. From Cleveland Hopkins International, Continental will begin flights to Cincinnati, Ohio, and from New York/Newark Liberty, the carrier will begin service to Des Moines, Iowa.
So it sounds like Cleveland residents can either use this hub in a few months to get to Cincinnati in about an hour at a marginal rate, or you can wait five years, hop on a train that goes 37 mph, and watch your taxes go up as we subsidize a train that no one uses.

Ah, capitalism. I love you.


  1. The heavily subsidized airline industry which has gotten countless bailouts is now a shining example of capitalism?


  2. Today's Dispatch has an article about the ONE PAGE REPORT that Strickland is touting says the average speed of the train will be 50mph. The article also says that the "Report" was not discussed with any of the railroad owners.

    More of the same crap from Strickland.

  3. Any word on whether Continental will have a planned stopover at Don Scott for warm cookies?


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