Wednesday, October 27, 2010

BREAKING: Survey USA poll has Kasich up 5 on Strickland...

Anyone else hearing the bell you hear on 3rd down at the Horseshoe?

A new Survey USA poll, the 3rd best pollster out of 62 as ranked by Nate Silver, shows John Kasich up five points on Ted Strickland, 49-44.

Poll analysis coming tomorrow morning by 10am.


  1. LOL Keeling. That's clearly a lie, from a bunch of liars, ranked third by a right wing liar, and is more proof that you ignore you're own internals! LOL So pathetic.

  2. Actually, given that SurveyUSA had Kasich up twelve in the their last poll which was right around the time that Quinnipiac had Kasich up seventeen, it's been just as much of an outlier as Quinnipiac. Stu Rothenberg has already written this year about how SurveyUSA has been generating unbelieveable numbers.

    Ohio GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine said in Sunday's Dispatch it is a dead heat. RCP and Rasmussen says its a tossup.

    All SurveyUSA says is what every other poll has said: Kasich's bleeding support going into to the election and Strickland's been gaining.

    SurveyUSA and Quinnipiac were outliers in September, and they're still outliers now.


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