Wednesday, October 27, 2010

And so it begins...

We knew we'd have to deal with it. We just didn't realize it would start a full six days before election day.

From the campaign of State Rep. Terry Boose:


Our campaign has received reports from many voters in our district that they have received unidentified phone calls from people who have told them that an absentee ballot has been sent to them and that they haven't mailed it in. The problem is that none of these people requested an absentee ballot and were planning on voting at the polls on election day. In Ohio voters must request an absentee ballot to be sent to them. These phone calls have been targeted to Registered Republicans who are senior citizens. We believe that whoever is responsible for these phone calls is doing this to intentionally confuse people to think that they may be receiving an absentee ballot and that they shouldn't go to the polls.

Please notify your friends and family about this scam, and if you or another person happen to receive one of these calls please do the following things:

1. Ask the caller what organization that they are with. If they say that they are with the Board of Elections they are not telling the truth because Election Boards do not make these calls.
2. If you have caller ID try to write down the phone number that they called from.
3. Call your local Board of Elections and ask if anyone has requested an absentee ballot in your name.
Board of Elections Phone Numbers
Lorain County: Jim Kramer 440-326-5902
Huron County: Tom Gerrity 419-668-8238
Seneca County: 419-447-4424
4. Call me on my cell phone 614-205-9141 and report any information that you gather from the call to me and our campaign along with the Ohio Republican Party will report it to the proper authorities.

We don't know who is doing this, but we would like to know so that they are held responsible. It is important that we stop anyone who is trying to use dirty tricks to influence the results of this election. Please pass this on to your Republican friends and neighbors, especially ones who are senior citizens, and be prepared for to write down information that you may receive in one of these calls.

Thanks for your help and dedication.

Nick Brusky
Campaign Manager
Boose for State Representative
419-465-8158 HQ
614-205-9141 Cell
Note, no one is accusing any specific campaign or organization of anything.


Keep on the lookout, and e-mail 3BP at if you hear of any possible voter fraud going on. If it's something visible, take pictures of it. If it's something you're hearing, record it.

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