Friday, October 29, 2010

I believe.

Ted Strickland's campaign has his closing argument advertisement out.

It's called "Believe".

While the ad is a bit on the sloppy side and hits a few too many notes to be particularly effective, the "I believe" message from the Governor is more optimistic than we've heard the entire campaign season.

It got me thinking. If you believe Ted Strickland, then I have a few things I believe myself...

I believe a 39MPH 3-C choo choo train that costs too much and whose schedule is inconducive to gaining any regular ridership has the potential to revive Ohio's economy.

I believe 258 investigations and 44 referrals to the Ohio Inspector General's office about the Strickland Administration is the kind of ethical executive branch Ohioans voted for four years ago.

I believe sometimes it's a good idea to have no idea about how to pay back $3 billion plus interest to the federal government for unemployment funds. After all, Ohioans love surprises.

I believe after firing several prison guards for selling drugs to inmates and lying to supervisors and outright incompetence, that the best course of action would be for the Strickland administration to re-hire those same state prison guards who had been fired for lying, incompetence and dealing drugs.

I believe Cathy Collins-Taylor told the truth.

I believe a pimp is probably the best choice to manage the Governor's faith-based initiative.

I believe the Governor's mansion is one helluva place to have a party. Provided you're a part of the Ohio penal system.

I believe failing to send your cabinet appointees to the Senate for affirmation is the sign of a diligent and focused Administration.

I believe Ohioans are fond of the status quo.

I believe Kent Markus, the Governor's top counselor, had no idea his handpicked, Harvard educated, and now indicted top lawyer in the Department of Public Safety was illegally tapping into e-mails of employees as they contacted the Inspector General and media.

I believe the best way to manage an $8 billion budget deficit is to completely ignore it.

And I believe I'd get my butt kicked if I was responsible for making sure Ted Strickland got his warm cookies on the plane that was moved from Don Scott Airfield a few miles away to the Columbus airport so the Governor didn't need to spend a few extra minutes in the car.

But there's one thing I know.

Ted Strickland is going to lose on Tuesday.


  1. I believe... you live in Virginia. (which is why you got so many things in the post completely wrong.)

  2. I believe I'll vote for Kasich.

  3. More personal attacks from ME. Shocker.


  5. Since when is pointing out where he lives a "personal attack?" Hell, Keeling's post is a personal attack. More negative politics and smears, devoid of any ideas and nothing more than empty partisan rhetoric.

  6. Probably since you add a negative connotation to it every time bring it up.

    Kind of like how everyone else adds a negative connotation to a harmless sanitation product when they talk about you.


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