Wednesday, October 20, 2010

CNN says the race is tied.

Well, we finally have a poll saying what the Democrats wanted it to say.

Which, of course, means it's a bit of an outlier from the other polls we've seen.

The new CNN/Time poll has Strickland up 48/47.

Looking at the crosstabs, Strickland and Kasich are comparable with their partisans. Strickland wins Dems 93-5. Kasich wins GOPers 90-6.

It's the Independent number that proves interesting.

Kasich is winning Independents by a full 9 points, 51-42.

Obviously, if Kasich is winning Independents by this margin then it's clear that Democrats were sampled at a far higher rate than Republicans.

Reacl Clear Politics have updated their average to include the CNN poll. Here ya go...

Not surprisingly, Obama is still very unpopular, with his approval rating coming in at 42-53 overall and 33-58 among Independents.

Meanwhile, Lee Fisher is still losing. Bad. In this poll he's 15 points back.

I've been notified that the Kasich campaign will soon be attacking Ted Turner in response to this poll.*

* - this is a lie.

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