Thursday, October 21, 2010

In key county, the GOP is turning out better than they did in the 2008 presidential year

This is pretty impressive.

The Hamilton County Board of Elections has done a good job of providing detailed early voting numbers for this election and referencing back to previous elections so we can properly compare where we're at.

So far this year, 16,309 Republicans have returned their absentee ballots. 13,019 Democrats have returned theirs.

In 2008 with the same number of days to go before the election, 15,772 Republicans had submitted their ballots and 20,432 Democrats had submitted theirs.

In other words, at this point in time, more Republicans are turning out in Hamilton County this year than turned out for the presidential election at the same point of time.

And Democrats? Their turnout has reduced by 36%, or about what would be expected in a midterm election.

But Republicans? They are doing the unexpected. They are outperforming what they did in 2008. Pretty amazing.

What makes the Republican advantage so much more impressive? Per the Plain Dealer, Democrats enjoy a 62/38 registration advantage in Hamilton County.


  1. Not so much impressive as it is confirmation of every bit of polling we've seen over the last few months.

    Dems that think they're going to pull a Dewey v. Truman with early vote counts from Cuyahoga would be wise to look at those numbers (and these Ham. Co. numbers) again.

  2. This is off topic, but I was just called by the Strickland Campaign asking for my vote. The caller said Strickland has created jobs and reduced taxes. What's up with that?

  3. But no, pollsters like PPP and others are saying the dems coming back home. Senate races tilting Dems during the final weeks. Some even has Kasich behind Strickland, is that the CNN/TIME poll using REGISTER voters. LMAO. Look at the same early voter trends in Nevada and Florida, you know which side is really "game" to go to vote. If the Dems are winning Clark county in Nevada by just 10%, Harry Reid is finished, game over. Angle is going to carry the small, rural counties by 2:1 (about 13% of the total Nevada votes)..and Angle will carry Washoe county, her hometown in Reno, a 10% edge in Clark, or even a 15% edge in Clark wouldn't carry Reid through the finish line. In Ohio, good ole Cleveland is what Strickland is counting on, so far, he looks a fully cooked, done, finished dead duck on the table.

  4. FYI- CNN/Time poll had both registered AND likely voters.


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