Monday, October 25, 2010

Gimme more Obama.

The President is coming to Cleveland on Halloween.

If the results are anywhere close to the blowback that happened in Columbus at Ohio State, I can only wish he makes a statewide tour out of his visit.

From today's Lantern:
That crowd mostly was a result of people falling in love with a man. It was not based on affection toward a cause. Otherwise, people wouldn't have groaned when Gov. Ted Strickland was introduced. The attendees were there because they enjoy hearing tired, worn-out, car-in-ditch metaphors.

In fact, the candidates accompanying Obama would have done themselves a favor had they limited their speeches to a couple short sentences. They should have said: "Vote Democrat. If not for me, then for Obama."

If that crowd was any reflection of 2008, those words would have caused a whole slew of young, impressionable leftists to tighten their bright blue capes and teleport to the nearest voting booth. Instead, Mary Jo Kilroy, Lee Fisher and Strickland brought angst and annoyance to the otherwise excitable crowd.
When Strickland's handlers were on the conference call with the political shop at the White House, I imagine there wasn't a discussion about how to encourage annoyance at the Democratic candidate for Ohio Governor.

But that's what happened.

And are we seeing any increased enthusiasm on Ohio State's campus after the rally?
In 2008, there was more blue on Ohio State's campus than I thought was legally permitted. The Oval was packed every day with individuals carrying clipboards begging students to register to vote. Sidewalks were covered in 3 inches of chalk, and bulletin boards for miles were littered with "Hope-Change-Yes We Can" jargon.

Things are a little different now. Someone can stroll across the Oval without being inundated with anything related to the election. Campus is almost completely free of political nuisances.
Last year in Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, the President campaigned at the last minute for all three Democratic candidates who were all caught in fierce battles with their Republican opponents. Back then, the President's approval rating wasn't in the depths where it now resides in Ohio.

Two days before the election, with Strickland caught in a tight battle with Kasich, the President comes to Cleveland.

Albert Einstein once said, "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

'Nuff said.


  1. I just want to point out that everytime you predict a blowback (still haven't seen any from OSU visit) from an Obama visit, the polling shows the race getting tighter.

    Perhaps you're wrong?

  2. Even though you attempt to properly cite your source, you leave out the fact that the piece you quoted is an OPINION piece, and not a journalistic/news piece. The author is an on-the-record Republican, anti-Obama opinion writer.

    You do the same with Real Clear Politics - trying to ignore the fact that RCP is clearly conservative (and funded by conservative).


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